This is the first boarding call for the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE. Would all astral travellers please make their way to the Timelayer Portal. Check your baggage and make your way through the lights of the deep psyche scanning machines. Are you feeling secure? Upon your arrival at the gates of perception, stewards from all dimensions will be on hand to shake your imagination loose from your human form.


 Here at the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE, our team delights in ensuring your dimension hop is delivered to the ultimate galactic standard of service and hospitality.

In a collaboration with high-flying cocktail alchemists Trolly’d, the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE will take all six of your senses beyond the fourth dimension.

Reimagined refuse from the glory days of 20th Century air travel will meet the otherworldly psychedelia of Sydney cartoonist BUNKWAA.

trolleyd_image1An interactive evening of immersive artistry that will challenge all tethers to this earthly plane, the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE will see travellers guided through a journey through space and time before crash landing on in an alien world of curious creatures and soul-exploding beats.

It is time to ascend to your highest vibration.

 Let the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE transport you beyond virtual reality into a whole new flight of fancy.




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