The Interdimensional Transit Lounge


 This is the first boarding call for the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE. Would all astral travellers please make their way to the Timelayer Portal. Check your baggage and make your way through the lights of the deep psyche scanning machines. Are you feeling secure? Upon your arrival at the gates of perception, stewards from all dimensions will be on hand to shake your imagination loose from your human form.


 Here at the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE, our team delights in ensuring your dimension hop is delivered to the ultimate galactic standard of service and hospitality.

In a collaboration with high-flying cocktail alchemists Trolly’d, the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE will take all six of your senses beyond the fourth dimension.

Reimagined refuse from the glory days of 20th Century air travel will meet the otherworldly psychedelia of Sydney cartoonist BUNKWAA.

trolleyd_image1An interactive evening of immersive artistry that will challenge all tethers to this earthly plane, the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE will see travellers guided through a journey through space and time before crash landing on in an alien world of curious creatures and soul-exploding beats.

It is time to ascend to your highest vibration.

 Let the INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT LOUNGE transport you beyond virtual reality into a whole new flight of fancy.






Explore worlds within worlds; discover faces within faces and Bring realms to life with your colored pencils. More like a coloring puzzle, these images present a glimpse into a world not restrained by the confines of our three-dimensional existence. Each image is a journey through a kaleidoscopic cartoon realm. These exceedingly detailed images offer the viewer a chance to really engage with the drawings and to go on a sleight of hand journey into an inter-dimensional wonderland, as they colour further and further down the rabbit hole.

The inter-dimensional coloring book is only available at the BUNKWAA SHOP


BUNKWAA INVITE A6 colour - for print

The visionary cartoon art of BUNKWAA

APRIL 7 – 30

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 7 April, 6 – 9pm

332 Stanmore Rd, Petersham, NSW.

Drawing his imagination from a freakishly divine higher power, BUNKWAA is a self-proclaimed visionary cartoonist. Each artwork is a kaleidoscopic caricature of the higher dimensional planes of existence. Full of character, worlds within worlds and faces within faces, these images are a sleight of hand journey into an hyper-cartoon realm. Come take a trip down the rabbit hole at Newsagency Gallery.

Expect to see inter-dimensional visionary cartoon art, hyper-cartoon paintings, magic metallic prints and psychedelic digital art.

Dance the evening away to tunes by DJ’s Lord & Lady Dumbington a.k.a Stevie Dub & Milky T





Free Xmas colouring sheet! Print, colour and post your coloured image to Instagram for your chance to WIN a bunkwaa poster (worth $20). Simply post a photo of your finished BUNKWAA interdimensional colouring sheet to Instagram and hastag it with #bunkwaa. Follow me too for more updates on free colouring pages ♥


Inter-Dimensional Colouring Posters

Inter-Dimensional Colouring Posters

Colour outside the dimensions

Explore worlds within worlds; discover faces within faces and Bring realms to life with your coloured pencils. More like a colouring puzzle, these images present a glimpse into a world not restrained by the confines of our three-dimensional existence. Each image is a journey through a kaleidoscopic cartoon realm. These immensely detailed images offer the viewer a chance to engage with the drawings. Taking time to run your coloured pencils over them slows down your observation, allowing you the time to discover things you may not have seen at first glance.

Each image explores multi-dimensional worlds made of pure forms and archetypal characters. Like an inter-dimensional Wonderland you become Alice, as you colour your way further and further down the rabbit hole! These colouring pages are perfect for anyone interested in colouring in or visionary cartoon art. Perfect for framing. Colouring is an option.

Explore worlds within worlds; discover faces within faces and Bring realms to life with your coloured pencils.

My favorite and FREE to download image in this series of colouring sheets is the Inter-dimensional kitty kat! He embodies the spirit of the Cheshire Cat and Bugs Bunny! Follow the kitty into this interdimensional realm and bring it’s realm to life with your coloured pencils. Interdimensional Kitty Kat is available to download and print for free. Click on the button below. Feel free to colour in and share on instagram #bunkwaabutton1More inter-dimensional colouring pages and art at bunkwaa shop.








boatAre you ready to go on a sleight of hand journey into your own mind? Well, get set to row, row, row your boat gently down the stream of consciousness. You are entering a great ocean of  inherited symbols and instincts. This vast reservoir is a collection of all the spiritual and mythological symbols, experiences and instincts known as the Collective Unconscious.

Unlike your personal unconscious, which is made up of suppressed memories, traumas, etc, that your ego doesn’t want to deal with, the collective unconscious predates your unconscious mind. It is made up of psychic and ancestral material and is common in every person. It is inhabited by what Carl Jung called Archetypes – spiritual forms that are the pre-existing prototypes of things and situations in the world we all exist in – everyday life.


An archetype is an original pattern or symbol that all other characters, personalities, objects or concepts are derived or modeled on. Jung suggested that universal mythic characters dwell in our collective unconscious. Although hard to put a number to, Jung focused on 12 primary archetypes that symbolize our basic human motives. Each has its own personality and meaning. Most of us have many of these archetypes playing out at once, though one seems to dominate more than the others Continue reading “A PADDLE​ DOWN THE STREAM OF THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS”

134TM4N: The Daft Knight Returns

134TM4N: The Daft Knight Returns

Damn Batman, at it again with the blue undies.


Alarm bells echo from the Gotham City Bank you just robbed. Fleeing down a dark alley, you sense a menacing presence breathing down your neck. The sounds of squeaking bats rapidly whistle past your ears, like screeching darts from hell. You scream in terror, as you’ve never witnessed something so symbolically fearful! As you drop to your trembling knees, you look up to see a shadowy man bat leap through the misty city air! Lit by a flicking light produced by a dodgy street lamp, not properly installed by the Gotham City Council, you see a man in an awkward looking bat-costume – who seems to have put the outfit on in the wrong order. Instantly relieved you laugh out loud. “bahaha… For a second there I thought I was a goner!” you snort, “I thought you were Deadpool!”

For some reason, I just like making fun of Batman. I have always liked to. As a kid I drew him all the time. I drew him in so many different ways, from cartoony to super-real. I don’t dislike Batman, he’s one of my favorite superheroes. In fact, I love the rich source of archetypal characters in the Batman comics. Yet, my thoughts about Batman’s character have changed over time. This is been because I’ve witnessed him change so much over decades. His myth has been rewritten to suit the current pop culture agendas and has been revised to fit current western ideologies. Stories have a big emotional effect on people, they can strengthen beliefs systems or change minds. The stories cultures tell also tend to evolve in order to suit the current dominant narrative. This is what has interested me the most: the way his archetype has changed over time.

Just a quick update about Batman’s origin story, in case you’ve been living in a cave all your life: I offer you my account of Batman’s origin story: Spoilt rich kid with abandonment issues gets every toy he could possibly want. Spends his time taking out his aggression on those who didn’t have a similar financially fortunate childhood. Likes: darkness, skulking. Dislikes: penguins, getting beach sand in his costume. Continue reading “134TM4N: The Daft Knight Returns”