A horrific look at marketing towards children
Written by BUNKWAA

Although invisible to the eye, they can be found between the pages of children’s magazines or emitted from breakfast cereal commercials. They are the non-living particles that infect cells in a biological organism. Only by invading and controlling cells can they reproduce, as they lack the necessary genitalia. As marketing vulture and cult leader, Keith Aims mentioned in his book Life Styles of the Young & How to Exploit Them:

“This is the method whereby people conform to social norms, a process that makes possible a lasting society and the spread of its culture between generations, and is now primarily focused on how children are socialized as consumers.” And Keith would know, as he can eat five children in one sitting.

In a study published earlier this year, in Baby Shakers & Movers Magazine, researchers found that Saturday morning cartoons make the perfect host. The data collected states that: “because cartoons are able to, masquerade as something they’re not, they are able to avoid being rejected by a child’s immunity to advertising. Children are being carpet bombed with commercials at a disturbing rate and are totally unaware of it. Creating clever and deceptive half hour TV programming based around a product can navigate around a whole generation’s higher I.Q and market savoir-faire“.


Keith is known in the industry as a marketing visionary and Anti-Christ. When it comes to the four Ps of marketing, Price, Product, Place, Promotion, Keith adds a fifth: Prick. Has built a reputation as a ruthless businessman and ritual child killer and has become known to many as Brother Grimm.  By playing on the insecurities of children,  Keith says,  “you can manipulate their deep social craving. This has played key in my marketing techniques. When it comes to cowboys and Indians, I’m a Billy the Kid, when it comes to Doctors and nurses, I’m the Jekyll & Hyde.” The same applies when it comes to snakes and ladders; he’s the anaconda of the advertising world.

Keith has taken advantage of the fact that parents can’t always be there for their children. He calls it his guilt for profit program, no child left behind. This can be seen in the latest product to come out of his agency – Trojan Horsies™. Continue reading “JUNK – EATING SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST CARTOONS”


The Cottingley Fairies reimagined

The Cottingley Fairies reimagined
My first fairy encounter in November 2013

In 1917 two girls named Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths captured on film proof that fairies existed. The images are known as the Cottingley Fairies. Five black and white photographs of the two young girls posing with fairies. The photo’s captured the imagination of spiritualist and author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, who published them as proof and visual evidence of psychic phenomena. Many people were convinced that the images were real as there would have been no one around in those days saying “they’re photoshopped!” The girls hung on to their story that the photographs were real until the 1980’s, when they admitted 4 of the 5 photo’s were faked. Why did the girls hold onto their story so long? Apparently because they didn’t want to embarrass Arthur Doyle who believed in them so much. Their story has been told in movies and books and the images are even more famous now then back in their day. Photography was in it’s early stages at the time, and so I wondered to myself what would the images look like if the girls had access to photoshop and Instagram. here, I present my Cottingley fairy photographs.

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